Rules & Regulations

Zero tolerance noise policy - We consider "family wind down time" to be around 11:00pm. Excessive noise may result in additional charges if it becomes necessary to compensate other guests as a result of non-compliance with our quiet hours. In addition, following a noise complaint, you and any guests in your room may be asked to leave immediately. You will not receive a refund.

No Smoking - All guest rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is not permitted in any guest room. You will be charged if smoking is evident in your room. There are designated areas throughout the property that you may smoke.

Doors lock at 2:30am - Doors to the main hotel lock at 2:30am. When staying inside the main building, the doors lock at 2:30 am, you can always get out but if you are out past 2:30 am you would be locked out until 6:30 am. This is to ensure that our families with small children get a quiet peaceful night of sleep. The Lankford Lodge building keeps its doors open 24 hours for those of you that require late night entry, that would be the building suited for you.

We do not have elevators - All of our units are up one or two flights of stairs.

Cancellation Policies For Rooms - You must call seven days prior to your date of arrival in order to receive a full refund minus $10 administrative fee. If you cancel after the 7 days you will forfeit the entire deposit plus a $10 administrative fee.

Cancellation Policies For Apartments - Deposits are non-refundable, You forfeit the entire amount.